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Noelle Hatalovsky is a multidisciplinary photographer based in New York City. She has received a Bachelor in Fine Arts for Photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She began with a film camera and enjoyed the hands-on process of image-making, she knew photography was something she was excited to pursue.  Her personal bodies of work range from documentary-style environmental portraiture, and studio portraits, to creative still life. With a passion for photographing processes and behind-the-scenes and individuals in their different environments, she can connect with her subjects on a deeper level. It is truly the connections and conversations had while shooting that drive Noelle’s work, it is about the collaborations and sharing of one passion with another simultaneously. Whether she is telling a story or simply creating dynamic, beautiful imagery, she uses her camera with intention. Noelle’s work has been displayed in the Hecksher Museum of Art, the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology,  and the IW Gallery in Brooklyn.

Her upcoming bodies of work that will be on exhibition this coming year, 2024 include
“Creatives Through The Lens~ Artists Of Long Island” which details artists from her
hometown on Long Island with an emphasis on their hands and their workspace while

they create, as well as her upcoming BFA Thesis project "Bodies of Motion," a series of studio portraits of dancers, with an emphasis on their bodies as their tool. "Bodies of Motion" will be on display at The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology this May, 2024 in the BFA Thesis show "Thresholds".

Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 5.59.22 PM.png

Exhibitions & Achievements

-2024, Fashion Institute of Technology Museum, 6 fine art prints in "Thresholds" Bachelors in Fine Arts Graduate Show

2022, Fashion Institute of Technology Museum, 2 fine art prints in "Unseen Memories" Associates Graduate Show

- 2022 Bridge Showcase at the IW Gallery in Brooklyn NY

- 2020, Heckscher Museum of Art, piece awarded Donald & Gloria Horn Scholarship

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