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Creatives Through the Lens ~ Artists of Oyster Bay            2022-2023

This body of work was inspired by a previous collection of work titled “Creatives Through the Lens.” The first leg of this work began with shooting artists and mentors I have had over the years. I documented a number of local artists who live in my hometown on the north shore of Long Island. With an emphasis on their hands, tools, and artistic process, these images give viewers a peek inside the studios and workspaces of these creatives and their creative process.  

Intro Video

{ Creatives Through the Lens } 2022

Lynn Johnson: Photography Teacher, Painter & Mixed Media Artist { My High School Photography Teacher } 

Jo Grey: Painter, Print Maker, Poet, Art Educator  {  My Elementary School Art Teacher }

Kali Taylor Ventresca: Photographer, Reiki Master  { My Photography Mentor }

Kathleen DiResta: Jewelry Designer & Creative  { My Jewelry Making Mentor } 

Hannah Bierwiler: Multimedia Artist  { Artist and Creative Friend }